Another Year Come & Gone....


And another brand new one is here which gives us the chance to start on a clean slate. So how did you welcome 2009? Awake, maybe? Not us...we were fast asleep...well, until a friend in Taipei decided to ring me up to wish me Happy New Year!

So why were we sleeping when the new year crept in? I was not feeling well, plain and simple. I started feeling yucky early on New Year's eve so when the time came for me to stay awake, I just couldn't. There were also very few fireworks in our lively community as we live in the midst of retirees. I kid you not! Our neighbors here are mostly in their 70s and 80s so firecrackers may send them on an overload.

Right now I'm still in my pjs while typing this. The husband went to the bank then to the store to use some certificate we got when we went shopping before Christmas. The certificate is expiring tomorrow and I still don't feel like going anywhere myself so I sent him instead to use it up. Not sure what he's going to get since there's really nothing we need as of the moment.

Anyhooo...I thought of checking in here just in case you're wondering where I am [aha!]. Let me take this chance to wish you all a very happy new year! Let's hope this year will be better, much better, than the last! Let's make the most of it, k?


""rarejonRez"" said…
happy new year dyan sa inyo!

ganda naman ng layour dito, i like it! :)
Umma said…
Aha!! you slept when 12MN stroke. Same here Mommy J, was feeling so crappy after we got here from Vegas bec my little YL got sicked and he transferred it to me.

But we need to go for the service at our church for the blessings when 12 MN strikes. That was how New Year being spent. And next day Jan 1st, we went to our traditional bow thing hehehe.

Ahem, popular talaga ang beauty ni Mommy J ha? pang international ang charm mo pretty Momma. no wonder!! and it shows wink*

BTW, my dad is from Taiwan and my Mom is from Cebu.. thats why I know all the languages hahaha
but it was just my destiny to meet hubby while working in TPE. He was my US client and was handling their account for couple of years. We dated din mga 3 years long distance b4 we got married...I think fate lead us each other just like u and ur hubby.
J said…
aha, when eve of the new year struck, tulog kayo? pag tulog daw isang taon din tulog hahaha.

we heard almost no firecrackers din unlike the previous years. it was very cold kasi, kaya tinamad kaya lumabas mga tao dito. maririnig mo lang ang malaks na hangin habagat. o, di ang galing mag tagalog bigla, ang true blue ilocana haha.

re: wine hit and miss lang yan. tell the husband to not give up on it. we have a glass every dinner din coz of the health benefits daw.

it can get expensive din, but I have a list of nice tasting bottles na he can try if you want, I'll email it sa 'yo. they're not that expensive. kasi ako, I keep buying and try both pricey and cheap ones, experiment lang. sa champagne we stick to the rose kind, kahit medyo mas mahal.
me said…
happy new year mommy J..More blessings to you and your family this year..God Bless you always..
Unknown said…
My resolution list is getting longer each year Mommy Jul so I kind of give up on that one, lol.

HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way!
Sunshinelene said…
happy new year, Juls. :)
honey said…
Happy New Year Mommy J.. aha!

uy grabe, kala ko si john travolta namatay! mali kasi yong txt nun friend ko. nag panic ako so i turned on the cpu muta and panis na laway er al. yong anak pala namatay. how sad.

anyway, labo ano? no connection to your post. =)
DebbieDana said…
Hi beautiful mommy! Happy new 2009 to you and your family! May God continue to shower you with more blessings!
Ciela said…
Dito kahit walang senior citizens in the neighborhood, wla tlaga gano nagpaputok. There's not much firecrackers heard this New Year's Eve. Siguro dahil na din sa economic situation. Just had some wine drinking with hubby and videoke singing 'til 2am.

Yes, let's hope and pray that this year will be much better!!

Take care, J!
Nova said…
happy new year te Juls... i'm sorry that you're sick during the new year's day.. hope your feeling better...

happy new year once again...
hi mommy juliana! a blessed 2009 to you and your family. wishing you peace, love, happiness and good health all year round! btw, i have awards for you dear. check them outhere!
Cecile said…
hello dear Jules, here for a sunday visit ;-) bakit kaya wala na masyado nagpapaputok, dito rin eh kaya natulog na lang kami, hehehe isang taon din ba tulog?

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