Be Active and Be Part of History....


Technology has brought massive changes in the lives of many people. I am one of those people. Because of it, I am able to earn a living without leaving the confines of my home. And I can get in touch with friends and family thousands of miles away almost instantly. Unfortunately, it’s not all positive. Because of computer and computer games, a lot of people tend to stay glued on the computer for hours on end. Kids especially are prone into doing it. So it is such a breath of fresh air when I learned about SOGO Active.

What is SOGO Active? It’s an organization that works with other organizations like Coca Cola to get young Canadians, teenagers to be specific, to get moving, plain and simple. With SOGO Active, Canadian teenagers have the chance to know about the different activities in their community as well as connect with other teens and groups. This is what teenagers need right now to help them live a healthier life. And get this, something great is about to happen. Right now, teenagers from Nova Scotia have the chance to become torchbearers for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. How many torchbearers you may ask? How about 1,000? Yes, a thousand youth will have that once in a lifetime chance just by being part of the Halifax Active Halifax Communities. So if you are a teenager living Nova Scotia, make sure to check out this amazing opportunity and be part of something worth being a part of…SOGO Active.



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