Blow in the Wind....


Nope, I am not talking about the song but the wind that blows around here. Let me explain....

It's such a nice day outside today. Since work is not available yet, I decided to go outside and rake the multitude of leaves overtaking our backyard. Yes, these are leaves from our neighbor's oak tree. Here's a related post on this that I posted not too long ago.

What do you soon as I started raking, the wind started to blow....towards our yard. That means that for every leaf I rake, 100 more come rushing our yard...from the neighbor's yard of course. Talk about one step forward, 2 steps back. Ugh!

The neighbors have not raked their yard in the last couple of months and I could no longer stand the site of dry leaves on our backyard that's why I decided to rake already. I just wish that they do what they're supposed to do and rake those dry leaves FROM THEIR TREE of their yard so they don't overtake our backyard.

I guess they [the neighbors] saw me raking so they are now outside doing some 'yard work'....not raking the leaves though....waahhhh!!!


Ciela said…
Ang hirap talaga ng may neighbor na inconsiderate 'no? Asar ka sa kalat? Patayin mo kaya yung puno (hindi yung neighbor ha?!) On the second thought, alam ko di mo gagawin yun, kasi bait ka e. Suffer to the max ka na lang! Ouch!

Btw, thanks for bringing me back to my senses. Has replied on your comment.

Ikaw din J, Ingats!
I wonder what their "yard work" is hehehe. They should trim their tree. If they won't e di lasinin mo ang puno hahaha. *evil grin*

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