A few months ago, I noticed that my eyes were uneven. One was smaller than the other one. I freaked out thinking something serious was going on with my eyes. I didn’t feel any discomfort or anything like that. Before I made an appointment to the doctor, I decided to wear my glasses. I only wear my glasses on 2 occasions, when I have to ride a vehicle or when I have a headache. Bad me I know. Anyway, I wore my glasses the whole day the time I noticed my uneven eyes and what do you know, it fixed the situation. So have I started wearing my eyeglasses since then? Umm… not quite. This is because I get rashes on my ears and ears when I put them on for longer periods of time. I am planning in getting some contact lenses soon to avoid straining my eyes which cannot be avoided because I work on the computer.

I’ve never worn contact lens in my life so this is all new to me. So I’ve been reading as much as I can about it before making a decision on which brand of contact lens I should buy. But if there’s one thing I will surely get once I start wearing contact lens is a LensAlert. This one.
I’m good at remembering dates or schedules but it wouldn’t hurt if I have something to remind me when I should change my lens. And since I am blogger, I tend to gravitate towards, umm….blogs when looking for information. This is how I found the AC Lens blog. I totally relate with it because it’s presented in a way I’m very family with.


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