Eating Non-Stop....


What a lazy day I'm having today. I did all the major chores yesterday so I'm left with only few more minor ones like dusting here and there and a batch of laundry which is done already. I can go out and probably do some weeding in the backyard but it's way too cold to be doing that. So what am I doing instead? I'm sitting here on the bed munching on some chips and sweet stuff. That's what I end up doing everytime the weather is this, eat and eat some more. I'm sure that if this continues I will need the the best diet pills out there to get rid of the pounds I'm putting on right now. And guess what? I'm making a grocery list now and all I can think of putting on it are more chips, chocolate and some other junk foods I like to eat when it's this cold. It's a good thing I don't do the grocery shopping or my cart will be overflowing of not so healthy but yummy foods.


J said…
not quite a lazy day for me as I've been busy in the kitchen making room for more stuff, and cleaning up as usual.

definitely a better afternoon than yesterday as I was spared from any more plane going down. hay, it could have been right by the beach where we live. nakakanerbiyos talaga.

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