Emailing thru an iPod...


Call me technology challenged but I didn't know you can actually send and receive emails through an iPod. I thought it's only for listening/downloading music and that's it. That's what I get for thinking....hehehe.

Anyway, the little one has been using her iPod a lot. Aside from doing a couple of games, she's also doing some educational stuff using it. But majority of the time, she uses it to email.

Email who? The Daddy mostly. I think she emails him at least 4x a day. From good morning to jokes to what time are you coming home? She's the one checking on him instead of me.....isn't that cute?

Oh and she emails me as well not that often since we're only 5 feet apart most of the time. Guess what she emails me? This....

I want to say I love you! That's all.

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J said…
sweet naman niya. nakakatuwa!

hanggang kailan mo ba i-homeschool si E? I wonder if I have the temperament to home school a child, kahit siguro anak ko. it takes a teacher to do that, I guess. My Mom is a teacher by trade, but she never worked as a teacher, as she's been a housewife ever since. She was our tutor though, except music, kaya she sent us to music schools pag summer.
Unknown said…
I am also technology challenged ;( I didn't knew Ipod had internet?

That's so cute the your little one is emailing with her Daddy;)

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