First 2009 Weekend....


...and it's no different than any other weekend...weeeee!!! LOL

I have not started with any of my so called 'new year resolutions' but I have about 350 days to go, right? Anyway, I've been tagged by a few blogger friends. I think I may have forgotten some of them already so my apologies.

Anyway, here are those that I can still remember. These are from Mommy Elvz, Cecile Kikamz and Umma. Thanks much!


Ciela said…
It seems that all your readers just want to give you an award. Not surprising, cos you truly deserve them all. Congratulations!
Madz said…
Wow, dami mo award sistah... you deserve to be awarded again:

mwha mwha wmah wah
Lazy Housewife said…
I've not started on my resolutions yet either. Hehe guess I should get in gear. Left an award for you, by the way. :)
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