The Future "Inventor"....


The little one likes to build things. She calls them her ‘inventions’. She uses variety of things to make these so-called inventions like tissue boxes, strings, straws, sticks, etc., mostly what I would consider trash. We try not to discourage it because it brings out the creativity in her and they’re cheap toys. I think I posted some of her inventions here. I’d post them again but I have the pictures in the other computer and I’m too lazy to turn on that computer. Maybe next time, eh? Anyway, a few weeks ago, she came across this experiment in her Science book where magnets are used. From then on she didn’t quit bugging her Dad until he got her some magnets so we could do the experiment. After doing the experiment, she of course started using her magnets in some of her ‘inventions’.

There’s not much she can do with just a few magnets so we have been looking for building toys where magnets are mainly used. She didn’t ask Santa for a lot of toys last Christmas but I came across magnet in usa products at a site I always check…Mega Brands. The toys at this site are educational and I’ve bought a couple from them so I know how good the qualities are. The magnetic building toys I’m planning in getting for her are the dinosaurs. I’m sure the little one will enjoy putting dinosaur replicas because she’s always been fascinated by them. They will be perfect for her birthday in a few months. I'd even enjoy building them myself.


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