Going Natural...


During the holiday season, I was able to talk with my siblings back home. Everytime that happens, we couldn’t help but reminisce and talk about our childhood days. I am the only one very far away from home so I miss being with them during special occasions. Thus the long phone calls during these occasions. Now that we live much better lives, we like to reminisce about those days when we barely had the basic necessities. I remember us using stones [rough ones] us our wash clothes to clean our skins when having a bath. Almost everything that we used then were natural…very rarely that we used anything man made because we just couldn't afford to buy anything. We thought we were so unlucky and poor because of that.

Such is not the case today anymore. I mean, we can now afford to buy things like wash cloths but tt seems that people are choosing natural products more and more now. Pretty ironic, eh? I remember buying my first loofah a few years ago when I was still teaching overseas. Other natural products like sea sponges are in demand now in the market. People are going more and more natural by patronizing such products instead of their artificial counterparts. Sea sponges have many uses. They can be used in crafts and painting or as substitute for wash clothes. From what I have read, using sea sponges can actually make our skin healthier and glow more. One place that I found online that sells these sea sponges as well as natural products is Natural Sea Sponges. Come visit and see all the natural products the site has to offer.


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