In need of A Header & Suitcases...


I'm on a hunt for a good header I can use. Not for this blog but for the blog I started for my high school batch in preparation for our silver jubilee late this year. The blog is my little contribution to our batch since I cannot be there to personally help with all the preparations. I tried to google blog headers but I can't find one that will fit the theme of the blog. Right now I'm just using the classic one that comes with the template.

Anyway, my former classmates have been prodding [bugging?] me to attend the said reunion since it will be a once in a lifetime least to us. I have not said yes or no yet because I really don't know if I can make it or not. I am hoping I'll be able to make it since that will be the first time I'll be going back home after being away for 8 years. If I decide to attend, I may have to buy a couple of Zero Halliburton suitcases since we only have a couple of suitcases right now. If ever we go home, we can't stay long because the husband wouldn't take off work for more than 2 weeks.


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