The past couple of weeks have been really lazy for me. If I didn’t have the little chatterbox with me the whole day, I would probably go nuts doing nothing. Well, maybe not since I have the internet and the TV. Anyway, since I have not been doing much, work-wise that is, I spent majority of my time today making photo slides for a blog I started for my high school. I’ve been cutting, pasting and resizing the photos to make them identifiable and presentable. Most of the photos are old and I had to scan them so the results are not as good as digital pictures. Aside from that, I also did some surfing online for a lot of things. Come to think of it, there’s not a day when I’m online that I don’t actually search for something. This is why LeapFish will be for me when I do my normal online search.

So what exactly is LeapFish? It’s a multi-dimensional search engine that does the search as soon as you type the first letter of the word or words you’re searching about. I tried searching for something using it, and as soon as I hit the first character, results started coming up. Pretty neat, eh? Talk about major 'leap'. Check the LeapFish Blog if you want to learn more about this great search engine. Better still, watch and be amazed.




Anonymous said…
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