LeapFish...a Major Leap in Searching...


A set of encyclopedia. That was my biggest wish when I was still grade school, high school up to college. I envied those kids who had their own set at home and didn’t have to stay late in school to do some research. My wish was never granted so I spent countless hours in libraries to finish book reports, thesis and research papers. I told myself that when I start working and can afford it, I will buy me a set of encyclopedia to compensate for the hardship I went through just to finish my book reports. Little did I know that I didn’t have to because the internet will be invented down the road.

Today when we need to research on something, all we have to do is to turn on the computer and do a search using search engines. With just the click of the mouse, we can get thousands of results to a single search. The only question now when we need to search for something is: Which search engine should I use? How about LeapFish? It’s the latest in online searching. LeapFish is a click-free search interface that produces results even before you finish typing what you’re looking for. Yep, it starts working as soon as you start typing. Now, where do you find something like that? So if you want to experience the future in online searching, try LeapFish and see for yourself. I’m sure you’ll go back to it over and over again when you need to find something….



Elow kumusta? Anong busy doing nothing? Busy bee ka pa rin nga eh, I can say this kase lagi kang may bagong post hehehe.

Wala na kaseng interesting nah nangyayari sa buhay ko kaya wala akong ma-post hehehe.

Anyway, have an interesting week! ^_^

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