Monday Blues?


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I seem to be having this so-called Monday Blues today...and I don't know why. I am on the verge of crying and I can't pinpoint the reason for it.

I've been staring at my computer screen the whole morning doing some random surfing but that's about it. I am not in the mood to write anything. I'm trying to teach the little one but it seems that I snap at her so easily so I'm trying to have a break.

I'd probably go outside and do some weeding to help relieve my stress or take a nap. Not quite sure which one will win...sleep...weed...

Oh well...I better get off here....hope you're having a better day than me.


Unknown said…
Well I'm not sure you call it better day Jul. I have a cold, I got over one not too long ago but after our craft fair walk last Friday, I caught one again Saturday night. I was feeling miserable from non-stop sneezing. I can't take any medication coz I'm pregnant, ugh!

It's very cold here today and wet. The freezing rain is about over but it will be in the 60's starting tomorrow. The weather keeps changing from really warm to cold. It's not helping to what I'm feelign right now.

I hope you get out of blues today. I was like that yesterday and Hubby thought I was mad at him, lol. I was a pissy pants, so irritable.

Ok, I'm writing a novel here.

Have a great week ahead. Kisses to your princess.
Nova said…
i hope. you'll feel active.. maybe may namiss kalang...
J said…
hey, same here with me. kaya ayan, since I'm alone most of the time, I just stay in one corner with a good book to read. been so tamad to write lately. I was hoping something will come out of me today, pero wala pa rin.
me said…
I hope you feel better tomorrow mommy J..I guess we all have that every now and then..we feel sad even if we don't know exactly why..
huh?! di yata't naglilihi ka?!

kidding aside, sometimes i feel that way too - there are things that we do not readily agree to but we're stuck with them anyway. negative things just pile up without you being aware of it- nasa subconscious lang. then! bang!

what do i do? i cry and feel sorry for myself. after that, i'm fine.

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