Moroccan Lanterns


If it’s bustling with excitement in Washington DC today, the same can’t be said around here. It’s been anything but exciting. Work is slow so I’m just sitting on the couch surfing online. I want to do some weeding but it’s too cold to go outside. What I’ve been doing is thinking and taking notes of the things we still need for the house like lights in some parts of the house. I saw Moroccan lanterns online a few days ago so I may go back to the site and see if there’s something there that will go with our house that I like.

Aside from the lights, we still need a corner curio for the living room. We’ve checked the stores around here but we couldn’t find the curio that the husband wants. He can be rather picky when it comes to things that will last us years. He wouldn’t settle for anything just because. Hopefully, he likes Moroccan lanterns so we can put a lantern by the front door already. I should probably bookmark the ones I like and show them to him tonight when he gets home.


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