Performance Parts


If last week we had the perfect weather all week long, this week is totally different. It's cold and wet outside as we have cold front coming in the area coupled with some rain. My new career ...err....raking has to be put on hold as it's a bit too wet to do that. I hope that the weather will get back to what it was last week so I can continue with my mission of making our yard weed and dry leaves free. I really want to start a garden this year. That's one of my resolutions, remember.

Speaking of resolutions, one of them if you may recall in my post is my aim to learn driving this year. We only have one car right now and it's the one that my husband drives to work. He said that once I start driving, he will get another one for him. But before I start learning, he has to make sure the car we have right now is on a good working condition so he's been looking into different performance parts online in case some parts need changed when he has it checked one of these days. I'm still a bit nervous about getting behind the wheels but it has to be done so be it. Wish me luck.


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