Positive Influence


Earlier this week, I was watching a show where Amy Poehler, an alum of Saturday Night Live was a guest. She was promoting a show at Cozmo TV called Smart Girls at the Party. I got curious because she said that this show is all about young girls being themselves. She said that the show’s aim is to be a positive influence to all the young girls out there. That is enough to make me visit the site and true enough, this showcases young girls with their unique talents. The particular video I watched if of the 12-year old girl who does what she calls ‘praise dancing’ and is a member of a Steel Orchestra. She’s not afraid to veer from the norm to be herself and that to me is admirable. When my little one is old enough, I will let her see this show for herself because I want her to get all the positive influences she can possible get.

Smart Girls at the Party is only one of the many shows at Cozmo TV. You can choose from the different shows they have by using their widget and you can get your own widget here. I checked the different shows shown on Cozmo TV by using the widget I downloaded from there and was able to see sneak previews of the different CBS Shows. Check it out.



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