Pouring Like Crazy....


It's raining cats and dogs as the saying goes. According to the weather people around here, we need the rain. I guess their 'rain dance' worked then.

This means I won't be able to go out in the yard to rake some more leaves. But guess what? Just before the rain, the wind was blowing again....and it's towards the neighbor's. Yay! So their yard is now full of dry leaves from THEIR oak tree! Hahaha....

Since I can't do any yard work today, I am going to do some house work. The first batch of laundry is now loaded...2 more to go. While waiting on the laundry, I'll be doing some cleaning....while teaching the little one of course. She keeps stopping because she likes to watch the rain, so she says.

Here's wishing everyone a great day/evening ahead. Off to my 'house works' now....I meant, chores....


Unknown said…
Good morning from Texas Mommy Jul.

Well, we had some rain Monday, icy, cold rain that is. But we needed it too.

With yard work, we had it done last week and we could not believe how much leaves we have in our yard. We have a creek in the backyard and there's tons of trees lined up along the side so when fall comes along our pool and the yard gets covered. We accumulated about 17 13-gallon trash bags of leaves. We were glad we had it done though. Lots of work!

Have a great day!
Mira said…
Moms' work in and around the house will never get done it seems ;-), I also have tons of laundry to load and dried ones to fold *sigh*. Our lawn is still covered in snow and we're having wet snow at the moment so it's kinda slushy outside. You have a good day and have fun with the chores *wink*
J said…
see how fickle the weather is? it was only yesterday when I was kind of jealous of the FL weather, ayan ulan naman today. we've had some icy night last night and it continued with pouring rain all day today. syempre, sobrang ginaw.

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