Saturday Binging....


That's what we're doing right now. Grocery shopping was last night and for the life of me I don't know why I put so much junk food in the list. Chips, dips and some other food we don't usually get. Our breakfast was the usual pancakes and syrup with coffee for the husband, milk for the little one and hot cocoa for the mommy. Good, right? Well, that's the end of being good. Our lunch is another story. I made some spinach dip after breakfast. What's on the dip aside from spinach? Loads of mayonnaise, sour cream, guacamole mix & vegetable mix with a can of water chestnuts. We put the dip on slices of pumpernickel bread and on the side, we had chocolate banana smoothie! That's lunch! For dinner, I am planning in cooking some buffalo wings and pizza. Yep, more fattening food. And I'm not even listing here what we eat in between meals. If I keep on going like this, I may have to start taking Lipovox to help me curb some of this cravings I have. Cravings coupled with my being 'immobile' for the last few days [weeks?] are probably not the best things if I want to lose some weight, eh? Arrggh...I better start moving around to at least burn the chocolate smoothie I just finished. Well, after my nap maybe.


J said…
haha, your tummies must be very happy and contented. it's nice to binge once in a while.

i'm tired working in the kitchen ulit rearranging and getting rid of unused kitchen stuff. I have to make room for my baking tools. ang dami pala, to think na basic lang ang meron ako. haven't baked any yet though.

superbowl sunday na, birthday din ni F tomoorow. ok na rin, as I know he will be glued on the telly anyway. sa ginaw ba dito, di ko type lumabas.

sige, enjoy your food trip. may continuation sigurado yan tomorrow.
Rosilie said…
I love eating sis, kaya I indulge then kahit sobra na.hahhahhah!

Happy eating!

ang unang higop ay para sa yo!

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