...for the right gift! Everytime. When I give gifts I don't want to just pick the first thing I see in the store [online or onsite]. It usually takes me numerous visits to finally decide which one I would like to give...even to my husband...especially to my husband actually. Before we went out last weekend to look for a gift for our 1-year old niece, we called my sister in law to ask is there's anything specific we should get. The birthday girl is a year old so we thought the grandmother will be able to help. Nope. She just said anything! Ummm...yeah, thanks. But what could a 1-year old need? One thing for sure...diapers. But we're not getting her diapers of course.

Off we went to the store. We went through the toy sections. We found a couple and we got them but we're not satisfied. We're not going out this weekend as the forecast is not good weather-wise...beside, it's the Superbowl weekend! So no shopping spree can be scheduled. As the days passed I am seriously considering gift cards...for a 1-year old. Why not, right? Her parents will be able to use it....and buy her diapers! Just what she needs...ha!


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