Selling a House....


... is no walk in the park. It’s been 6 months since we moved into our new house. It’s still a very much work in progress but we’re getting there slowly but surely. We try to buy stuff as our budget allows. We don’t want to get into any kind of debt just to fill our house with things that can wait anyway. It would have been a great help if our other house sells already since the mortgage we pay for that one can go towards the things we still need for this house. At first we tried to do the “For Sale by Owner” route but when we moved out and the husband got busy with work, we decided to ask a realtor to do it for us.

We signed a 6-month contract with them. After a month or so, someone wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out because he had some problems with his financing. Our contract with the realtor is about to expire already and we haven’t heard anything from them. I’m sure that the realtors know what they’re doing but maybe I tell the husband to call them and let them know about the 101 Home Selling and Staging Tips that Energized Seller have in their website. Maybe if they follow the tips our house will be sold in no time, eh?

Right now, Energized seller has an ongoing fun contest that anyone can join in and it involves what everyone loves…pet pictures. Just like any other kids, our little one wants a pet dog or cat but we were not sure how she'll take of a pet so we started out small...a pet turtle. Well, that pet is not so small anymore. Here it is with the little one. She said she's walking it like a dog...hmmm...

Aren't they cute together? Maybe we'll get her a dog one day. Anyway, if you enter a funny or scary picture of your pet, you will have the chance to win a $500 gift certificate from Home Depot or Lowe’s. I wonder if I should enter this picture?



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