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We know that if there's a place where you can find anything and everything on the face of the earth, it has to be ONLINE. This goes without saying that ANYBODY can sell ANYTHING online.

Take this 22-year old for instance. She's actually selling her virginity online. According to the news, the bid has netted to $3.7 Million already. Why oh why would she do something like that? Is it for the money? the fame? or just for the heck of it.

Whatever her reason is, I hope she does not fall prey to some wacko out there. But then again, if the news is accurate, I guess only a wacko would actually pay $3.7 Million for that, right?

Whatever....story here.


honey said…
hahahah!.. GRABEH! Windang ako dun ah. pati virginity ba, nsa online na.. LOL!

Btw, sa Quezon City te. Don kasi yung cousin ko nkatira. I felt nervous na nga eh. wla talaga akong alam about Manila pero at the same time I felt excited to have FREEDOM.. hehe!
Ciela said…
Quite unbelievable! And I agree with you, only a wacko would actually pay $3.7 Million for such. Really crazy!

Curious ako sa reunion website nyo, J. Can I take a peek?
Umma said…
How would you know if she is a real virgin? Nowadays there's nothing impossible.. puedeng patahi lang yan hahaha..

You're right Mommy.. only crazy people is going to spend that kind of amount to sleep with a virgin. Besides, the guy can bang thousands of virgins for that amount, isnt it?
J said…
ay naku, grabe na talaga kahibangan ng mga tao sa mundo.

eto super late, paano, lazy ako all day.
Beth said…
Umma is right. How can we be sure that she's virgin, right?
I think she's just doing it for fame. Let's just pray for people like that.

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