Some More Raking...


That's what I'm about to do...well, as soon as I get off here of course. This will be the 3rd day this week as I did that yesterday and I filled up a 39-gallon back...woot! woot! LOL...

The little one is so excited to do it again that she's already in the back porch waiting for me. I told her I still have some stuff I need to do in here like the grocery list that needs for his grocery shopping tonight. But...she's still out there singing with her iPod.

It's TGIF already...yay! The weather here is a cool 69 degrees right now so I need to wear a sweater to do my raking but that's fine. I'd be taking it off in no time at all because raking is hard work....ha! Says who? Says me, of course!

See you around!


Yes! TGIF!!! I had always loved Friday. The last day of a week of work and all and the start of fun hehehe.

Don't overwork your self with your raking because you might get a sprained back like me hehehe.

Happy Raking! ^_^
Umma said…
Yey!! its TGIF na naman.. time flies too fast Mommy.. the next thing u will realize its Valentine na naman..
Vhiel said…
oh lovely... raking leaves... my little girl loves it when I rake leaves.. she get to play on the file of leaves that I just finish raking..
honey said…
Happy raking ate J and happy TGIF..
J said…
oh wow, raking is your new career na ba? hehe.

plans are called off as we are braising for another winter storm. from the looks of it, it may be happening kasi sobrang ginaw talaga. we might get 6-10 inches of snow daw from early afternoon tomorrow into sunday.

we intended to go and get our new eyeglasses but no, I don't feel like taking the trek.ang hirap mag navigate when the ground is filled with ice. that can wait, although this is the second time we've postponed it already.
Anonymous said…
oh i love raking! and i love the winters in florida. very breezy. but not snowing!

how are you? :-)

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