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When the husband and his partner started their small business about 2 years ago, they wanted to have a shirt that will carry their logo. Due to some budget constraints then, my husband took matters into his own hands and bought a couple of shirts and ‘ironed’ the logo he printed on his computer on those shirts. Voila…instant company shirts. The shirts are history now and lasted only a few months. Since they now have some budget, they are looking at getting some embroidered products like hats and shirts they can use for themselves and their reps in different states. They are looking for a place that offers affordable packages and one that does not require minimum quantities since they don’t want to order more than they need. I guess Threadsmith will be perfect for them then. Aside from being affordable and not requiring set up fees, it’s easy to upload logos and designs in their site that even I can probably do it! Finally, something more presentable to represent their company....ha!


GagayMD said…
Mommy Juliana, haven't heard from you lately..missin' you so much!

how are you?

dropping by! how are you today!?


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