... according to the little one.

Late this afternoon while I was pulling out weeds in the backyard, the little chatterbox kept on talking. Yeah, that's what chatterboxes do. This time though she was 'chattering' about in stock market stocks. She's of course explaining it like a me. Ha!

How did she learn about stocks? Through the Dad. She saw it in her iPod so she asked the Dad what stocks are and the Dad so readily explained it to her. She probably thought I don't know what stocks are [which may be true...LOL] so she tried explaining it to me while I was weeding. So I listened....half listened actually as I was busy weeding.

When she was done 'explaining', I asked her if I could ask her questions about what we discussed in History this morning and she said yes. I asked her maybe 4 or 5 questions which she readily answered...correctly.

Here's how our conversation went after my last question.

Her: Are you done asking me questions about my lesson Mom?

Me: Yes.

Her: Now, can I ask you questions about stocks?

ROFL....If only I knew she'd ask me question about stocks, I would have stopped weeding and listened to her...LOL....


blessedmom said…
oh my Mommy! u really have a bright girl! i don't know much about stocks..all i know is that the stock market is not performing well these days....hmmm..i've an idea...pwede bang mahiram muna ur pretty daughter to explain stocks to me? hehe :)

i can just imagine her talking, cute! :)

ingat mommy! kisses to ur lovely and smart daughter :)
Allen's Darling said…
Ha ha ha ha ha kids is really smart now a days. I don't know about stock either. hahahhaa Allen's darling
Cecile said…
she is so smart dear :-), got it from Mommy at Daddy!
Mira said…
I wonder what she asked? Kids can really get you thinking, they ask questions non-stop, LOL.

Hey, tks for the comment in one of my posts. About Side A band, I'm not really sure if they're still active, The last thing I heard about them was when one of the original members, Kelly left, and that was a long time ago, LOL.

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J said…
haha, can we borrow her so she can have an engaging talk with the stock man in my life? I bet they will enjoy each others company simply because they have a common interest.

seriously, I don't even want to think about stocks right now. it has caused me a lot of headache and explaining because of bad decisions I made (sigh).

cooped up here at home all day but ngayon lang ako online. grabe akong preoccupied with a lot of other stuff.

enjoy your weekend!
Marites said…
a very smart kid young lady you got there:) btw, Juls..was surprised to know that you still remember my post about my cousin's dog in Texas. good memory! :) have a good weekend.
Umma said…
Mommy J.. you have a very smart kid...super lista nag anak mo. its in the genes I guess..
J said…
ay ano ba yung cbox message ko. bakit ganun?
Weng Zaballa said…
what a smart young lady! you should have listened to her intently hehehe.

wala rin ako alam sa stocks na yan, a UP professor explained it to us during one of our workshops last summer, pero wala ako natandaan. siguro pag little girl mo na nag-explain sa kin maintindihan ko na LOL

thanks nga pala sa comment. natyimpuhan ng photographer ang pose nyang yun...
bluedreamer27 said…
im back!! soryy for not being here in the blososphere for almost 2 weeks...
but now im happy to tell you that im back from th field again...
and im so sorry agin for missing some of your apology
may you have a great year my friend
have a great day and God bless! !
Micawatson said…
waaa..mommy, need to listen on the class next
tx sweetie said…
hello pow Miss J,
salamat sa visit ngayon.. medyo busy lang pow here.. back to paid blogging ka na pala hehe.

smart naman ng big girl mo. dadalaw ako sa inyo soon para naman maturuan nya ako about stocks lol..

wish us safe trip Miss J lilipad kami, ewan ko lang kung kakayanin ko 'to mag-isa na may baby!

tikker kayo jan!
JK said…
That is to funny, see now you know kids are into fier play, you may as me about lessons , but i get to ask about our lessons to... lol

Kids are great...

I am afraind to look at my stocks, i have the for my retirement account and after the last wave i am afraid to look lol... TC..
honey said…
ahhaha! Whhaaaattt A smart kid!

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