Summer in Winter


Florida is the state of choice for many older people. Most of the people in our neighborhood are of retirement age already. That's probably why it's very quiet around here. One reason why they choose this state the climate. Winter is almost non-existent here so they don't have to worry about freezing. This is the reason why the husband's great-grandparents moved here from Pennsylvania a few years ago. They are in their 80s already but they still live in their own house. They have a lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren around here so if they need anything all they have to do is call and there's a relative who will come knocking on their door. Just last week, Pop called asking if the husband can help him look for a Chevrolet AC Compressor. It seems their ever dependable car needs a new one. Since it's Florida, summer is very possible even during winter. Pop didn't want to wait until it's too late.


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