Superbowl Sunday


It looks like the weather here will be cooperating for the Superbowl XLIII which will be held this Sunday in Tampa, Florida. It rained almost the whole day yesterday and also this morning but it stopped now and Mr. Sun is out. I'm sure the local newscasters around the venue of the big game are back on the rooftop of their stations after a day of staying indoors.

Anyway, our local team is not playing so we are not rooting for a particular team. May the better team wins...that's our motto right now. The husband is the only one who will be glued on the TV set as I don't watch the game in its entirety. I just glimpse every now and then especially during the Superbowl commercials. Most of them are really funny. I wonder if there will be a commercial about adult diapers this time around. They had a baby in last year's ads so why not have something that involves the oldies this time, eh? With or without babies or oldies ads, I'm sure there will be some worth waiting for.


Shimumsy said…
hi J,
we just got home from food shopping. funny because, at the supermarket the shelves of chips, tortillas and salsa are almost empty..all because of the super bowl tomorrow. hubby too will be glued on tv, we're supposed to have a dinner date with our friend tomorrow, he moved it to lunch'cuz of the superbowl.

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