My new laptop broke and I had allergy attack the whole day. That's how my Friday went. Yep, my spankin' new laptop that the husband gave me for Christmas is broken. The bulb for the monitor is dead. I guess it just went out while I was sleeping because it was working fine when I shut if off Thursday evening. When I turned it on Friday morning, it's all dark. I can still what's on the screen but it was too dark to actually read anything. The husband had to point a flashlight on it so he could see what's on the screen. So it's going back to the seller and I'm back to my old laptop.

Added to that, I had allergy attack the whole day. I was sneezing non-stop and my eyes were watery. All I wanted to do was sleep which I couldn't do because I had to finish some things. So, is it a TGIF for me then? I guess. Friday is before the weekend so that means hubby will be home...and that's enough reason to say TGIF.

Anyway, after days of freezing temperatures around here, it's now a comfortable 65 degrees. We're planning to go out sometime later. The husband will get a hair cut while the little one and I will go around the stores looking for area rugs that we can put in the living room. We've been looking for one but we haven't found one yet. If we can't find it in the stores around here, we'd probably get one online.

Have a good weekend everyone! Enjoy it.


Unknown said…
Kawawa ka naman Mama. I know how you feel. Woke up today with the same allergy attack. What's up with these allergies? I never had one until I came here. Double Ugh!!!

With regards to your new laptop it should have a warranty since it's spanking new. I hope you get to exchange it somehow.

It's cold here like the usual warm and cold here in Dallas. 70's all week long and then 30 degrees the weekend? What's up with that? lol

Enjoy your weekend too. Good luck on finding the area rug.
Diana Yusuf said…
Hi , im harry can we make a friend
J said…
hola! eto alte ako ulit. We just got home from Manhattan. It's freezing cold but it was a tall order we had to brave the strong ocean winds right by us.

hala, ano ba yan? I can imagine the frustration more so that it's a new unit. what brand is it by the way?

I can remember when mine died one day but it was at least one year old, a Vaio. Pinalitan ng Sony, we purchased extended service on that. Hopefully they will replace the unit or rather, you should insist they should replace it NOT repair, kasi bago. para naman bumili ka ng refurbished pag repaired lang siya.
Ciela said…
Hi J!

I hope your allergy is gone by now.
Di ba wala pang one month yang laptop mo? Dapat ireplace yan nag bago. Whatever is the situation around you, TGIF pa rin, kasi nandiyan si lovey dovey and li'l one beside you. Enough to make everything bright.
BongFlo said…
ganyan talaga nangyayari pag hindi na "burn" ng maayos ang unit before releasing it from QA. "burning" is the process by which they have the unit turned on and running certain programs for about 3-5 days para ma test kung may parts na defective. sometimes, it is much better to buy yung mga out of the box na, kasi it was tested and sure na hindi dead set kasi it was put on display and running. hope the allergy is gone... lazy sunday na naman dito j! buzzing around these parts... ciao!
Oh what a bummer. I'm sorry about your allergies and your lappy. Hope you get well soon and hopefully they'll replace your lappy with a new one.

But still, your right. Being with your family is a great reason that it's TGIF! ^_^

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