After raking off most of the leaves in the backyard, tired is probably an understatement. But I feel good that I was able to do some physical activities actually.

I've been so lazy to do any exercise so this would be a good substitute if I want to lose a few pounds, right? The weather around here has been perfect so even if I wasn't happy raking other people's mess [which happens to be blown in our yard thus technically making it our mess...hmmp], I feel good after doing it because it translated into a few pounds lost...I think.

I'm planning in doing yard work as long as the weather here is pleasant enough to do so and if work is not available. I heard we'll be having a cold front in a few days though. Hopefully it won't be that cold.


BongFlo said…
sabi ko na sa 'yo na ipa bulldoze mo na lang yang puno ng kapitbahay mo eh! hehehe. HI J! parang ang tagal kong nawala... dami mo ng nai post, ako wala pa. well been very busy as my year was welcomed with a calamity. we got flash flooded here in cagayan de oro. it was the morning of saturday when it happened, luckily we were about a kilometer away from one of the hardest hit barangays here. i'll write a post about it and publish it in my blog. as of now, i've been busy attending to the evacuees and we're trying to solicit help from generous persons as there was about 80,000 people displaced by the flooding with about 100 or more losing their homes. bisita muna ako dito sa 'yo, theres been a lull of late kaya nakapasyal dito. o siya! see u around and belated year new happy to you and to your love ones. ciao!
J said…
lucky you, pleasant weather over in your territory. dito, we're braising for an icy night.

exercise? yehey, been good with that the past few days, pero tamad with blogging.
Lynn said…

same here, pinaka exercise ko na ang household chores. hehe. buti yan, mommy J, at least na burn natin yung calories that we gained on the holidays. har.

awards for u here...

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