...to see what this day brings. It's been a week of doing nothing so I am crossing everything I can hoping this day will bring in work....and lots of it.

I woke up to a very cold day. I first felt the freezing temperature when hubby left for work. The current temperature is in the 30s but I'm hoping that it will go up to the 70s later so I can do some weeding outside...

Anyway, I got a couple of tags to post. One is from Eds of Just Me...eDs while the other one is from Kaye of Random Wahm Thoughts...thanks ladies.

...from Eds...I'm supposed to list 5 of my addictions....hmmm....I don't think I have any actually but I have some things I *really* like...chocolates, cakes, laptop, blogging...that's it I guess.

from Kaye...I'm supposed to list 6 things about me. Since I just did a post on that yesterday, I'm going to put a twist on this one and list 6 unforgettable things that happened to me throughout the years....how's that?

1. During my first year in college I got lost on my way from school to the dorm. I took the wrong jeepney. I got off the jeepney and tried to find my way back to the dorm...walking at around 7 at night. Scary to say the least.

2) I was not allowed to board the plane on my first trip to Taiwan. I didn't have the POEA permit because I was told [by the principal and my co-teacher traveling with me] I didn't need it. I told the Immigration officer that with my co-teacher vouching for me [she didn't have the permit herself and never did for the last 17 years she's been teaching in Taiwan]. That didn't work. I was not allowed to board while my co-teacher went through with no problem. I went back home then to POEA to get the dang permit against my principal's advice. I was the first Filipino teacher in that school in Taiwan who had to secure a permit from POEA to work there...talk about being a 'pioneer'...LOL...

3) I was riding the LRT that was bombed on December 30, 2000. I was on the 3rd coach...thank goodness.

4) A RayBan sunglasses given to me by my father was snatched off my face while riding a jeepney along Baclaran. I cried all the way home to Pampanga.

5) That same night, my father came home with a new pair for me. Not sure where he got the money since those buggers are expensive.

6) I had to sing solo in front of hundreds of people [mostly Taiwanese parents and students] during the Parents' day celebration in our school in 2001. It was nerve-wrecking considering I am not a singer and I have 'stage fright'...


Tita Beng said…
Hi J!

Hey you're so fortunate you've been spared from that LRT bombing. Praise be to God!

Btw, I wanna confess to you! You are not "ulyanin", I am the one. I just found your 1st comment on my Rustom post"moderate comment". I didn't notice that I haven't published it. I saw it again just now. However, when I was about to click "publish" I accidentally clicked "reject". Careless me!! I remember having read it in my email, that's when you mentioned you saw them in BF. Ay yay yay! Am really sorry J! Ako ang ulyanin at careless pa! I just got up from bed kasi at 3:30 am e! (Nag-alibi pa e!)
Tita Beng said…
You know what? I enjoy reading your posts disclosing facts such as these. We got to know you more! Interesting!

yes, I woke up early coz I went to bed early too, at around 10:00pm. five hours is my normal length of sleep e.
Juliana said…
singing solo is fine with me, huwag lang ako pasayawin.

'kala ko papagkamalan kang terrorist kaya di ka allowed to board haha.

nasa 20's pa rin kami dito. buti na lang, I didn't have to go out today.
BongFlo said…
wow! these are quite some interesting facts about you J. and the LRT thing, wow! God sure does love you very much sparing you from that bomb. and singing solo infront of hundreds of people! that i can never do! i'll dance anything, you name it and i'll dance it. hell, i can even walk barefoot dancing on live charcoal and eat glass but sing! no way! i'd be long gone if someone would ask me to sing in front of hundreds of people! hahaha!

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