Weekend Plans?


It's the weekend once again. We're just taking it easy around here today. The little one woke me up as usual because she wanted to lay down beside me. I tried to go back to sleep but I normally couldn't sleep anymore after a certain time even if I turned in late the previous night. So the little one and I got up and left the Daddy in peace. We had breakfast and now we're all done with our morning rituals and we're here watching some music videos while waiting for the Dad to wake up. It's only on the weekend that he gets to sleep in late so we try not to bother him...try being the operative word here since the little chatterbox can hardly be quiet.

We don't have anything planned except probably my driving. Yep, the husband asked me last night if I want to start learning today. Maybe.

While waiting for him, I am hoping that some work will be released. It's been kinda' slow for the last few weeks so I can't wait until we start being busy again. I wonder if I should start looking for home based business opportunities so I have something I can do while waiting for some work to be released. That's probably not a bad idea. Some of the home based businesses don't really need big capitals. I just have to find something I'm passionate about. I should probably start jotting down possible interesting business ideas.....


Unknown said…
Good luck on your search Mama. Eveyrone in my company got a pay cut since they don't believe in laying off employees, so I guess that's better since no one is hiring these days with the economy.

Hubby is outside cleaning the backyard, that's his plans anyway. :)
J said…
so, did you get your learner's permit from the hubs? hehe.

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