Year That Was...


What a year 2008 was! It's definitely one of our memorable years since a lot of 'firsts' and important events happened to us during the year that was. Good and bad of course. The biggest of which would have to be our big move to the new house which was more than 4 years in the making. With all the exciting & not so exciting things that happened in 2008, I am happy to put it behind us and welcome 2009 with hope and enthusiasm. I'm sure that there will be many 'firsts' that will take place as well this year. One of which is my plan in finally tackling that thing called 'driving'. Yes, after more than 7 years I may just give it a go. I may also try to go on a real diet to lose a few pounds that I've been wanting to lose since forever. Who knows I may even have the 'guts' to get one of those bodystockings I've been seeing on some online catalogs. I'm sure the husband will be happy to see me wearing one of those, eh?


Lazy Housewife said…
Oh yeah those bodystockings are dead sexy. LOL I do have one, though. They are handy.

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