2009 Oscars...


It's the Oscars tonight and it's the 81st award ceremony. It's probably the biggest night in Hollywood as far as movies are concerned. This year Australian actor Hugh Jackman is hosting the event so I'm expecting lots of singing and dancing on his part. He's not a comedian [although he can crack jokes] unlike most of the former hosts so he's spiel will probably short and sweet.

I have not really sat down and watched the award show so I usually just flip through the different online magazines to find out who won the previous night. I don't have any personal picks since I didn't see any of the films nominated...haha...


J said…
hola! eto hopping with congested nose and a headache. nagsawa na ako sa kakahiga.

weekend work ang hubby? grabe, but as you said, we should not complain kasi kahit papaano may work pa.

life can be better, but as F and I always say, we still count ourselves luckier than a lot of those that were unluckily handed pink slips and have to face huge financial responsibilities.

sige, work lang ng work. hope this week is a lot easier.
i used to watch the oscars but now i think sleep is much better. hehehehe
Umma said…
Hello Mommy J.. i didnt watch the Oscar this time. I dont know why.. just not interested anymore. hahahaha..

You're so correct mommy, we need to be thankful that our hubby has a job in this economic crisis.. omg I heard lot of stories about husband being laid off and they hv some kids and mortgages waiting to be paid every month.

Its so stressful cguro, di ba?

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