Are You Ready...


.... for some football? It's Superbowl Sunday today. I'm sure that most American men [and women] are glued on their TV sets waiting for the big game at 6 PM tonight. The game will be played here in our neck of the woods actually....Tampa! And no, we're not going...hehehe.

I didn't really get how big football is here in the US until I came here. I had an ex-bf [ehem!] who used to play college football here in the US and he tried explaining the game to me and how big it is here but you wouldn't really know that unless you actually live here. I watched some games with him on TV but nothing he said made sense to me then. But now that I'm married to a football fan, I can say I *somehow* understand the game. We can even talk about it every now & then. I still have a lot to learn but at least I can watch the game and understand what's happening.

This year the Steelers from Pittsburgh, PA and the Cardinals from Arizona are going to try and win Superbowl XLIII. We're not rooting for any team since I am a Manning, Favre fan while the husband is of course a Buccaneers' fan. So, may the better team wins! Goodluck!


we are not fan either of any of those, but for the sake of today's big event, we're rooting for Cardinals, simply bec red is my favorite color and i think their QB is more handsome than the Steeler's QB. :D
J said…
thanks sa greetings. yes, he is glued on TV but that was not after 4:00 p.m. kasi late akong gumising and he came back in bed to join me and sleep hanggang 2:00 p.m.

just got online right now. I hope you're enjoying the game. F is rooting for the Cardinals. He is a fan of the Rams actually but the quarterback of the Cardinals used to be a Rams kaya he is rooting for him.
Allen's Darling said…
Hi pinay

thanks for sharin this football game.
Dhemz said…
yohoo..hehhe...we are not diehard fan of football..pero hubby and I are watching right now...hehhe!
Norm said…
hello ganda! buti kapa sitting pretty nanonood lang ng football. Hehehe may pa ehem ehem kapa jan! hahahhaa joke lang miss lang kita kaya nag joke ako. Good night at salamat sa dalaw ha.
honey said…
Hi ate si Scott ala pa kasi nanuod pa cya ng football game. Me also don't understand how it works, baka pag andyan na ako. MAYBE.. LOL!

About sa girl te, yep sumilip talaga cya. kapal noh? grabeh!!!

misyah te J. Di ako masyado nkapag libot kasi bagal ng connection ko. in 2 days from now cguro may bago na ako connection.. wohhooo!unlimited na ulit.. eheh
Ciela said…
Ang bilis mo naman mag-vote, J! I'm having a second thought pa e, pero me nag-cast na ng vote, so go na lng ako. Daily yun ha, J?!! he he.. thanks my dear friend! Hugs!
DebbieDana said…
Me either. I didn't know that football is a hit here compared to basketball. But then yes, Dana, Daniel and I made a superbowl dinner while we were glued on tv. :)

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