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The housing crisis has hit close to home. One of my husband’s siblings just had their house foreclosed a few months ago. They just couldn't afford the mortgage anymore because it keeps going up as they had the adjustable mortgage rate. The house that was built by them, literally, is no longer theirs. They are now renting not too far from here. It’s working out fine except for their dog. It used to have its own space in their big yard but the house they are renting now doesn’t have a yard so the dog has to stay with them in the house. They are going to build it a small house at the back of their house but for now, they are looking for large dog beds to get while it’s staying with them inside the house. I would volunteer to take care of it here until they finish its house [since we have a yard] but I’m afraid the little one will get attached to it so I didn’t say anything. Instead I’m looking at the Bowsers dog beds and may just get one and give it to them to somehow help with the present situation. This just shows that pets are also affected with this present economic situation.


Sunshinelene said…
Hi Juls, howdy? HOpe you are doing ok....tagged u here -

let's see what are your needs according to google. this is fun. grab it soonest. :)
Ritchelle said…
kakalungkot naman po yan,ang dami ngayon pong houses na nabawi ng banks,hahay.

Kamusta po kayo dito?
Ate Sienna said…
i hope your in-laws get back to owning their home as soon as they can. the adjustable mortgage rate isn't really a good idea because it always depends on the market rate and there's nothing secured about that, unfortunately.

that being said, i love your site! i was browsing entrecard (using my manilena website - and got to design workbench which led me to here. i'll favorite you on entrecard and i'll be coming back soon!

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