Crowning Glory....


My hair became my trademark when I was still studying. I think I was the only one who had long hair in both high school and elementary. It’s because of my long hair that I got a nickname that sticks with me up to this day…Lola which is the Tagalog word for 'grandma'. All of my high school classmates, some schoolmates and most of my high school teachers called me that and I didn’t mind at all…still don’t actually. It was my father’s idea to let my hair grow long. He was so proud of it that I still remember him showing me off to his friends mainly because of my hair.

This year my high school batch will be celebrating our silver jubilee. So we’ve been in constant communication now preparing for this once in a lifetime event. As early as now, we’ve been collecting pledges in all forms to make that occasion memorable. With the upcoming celebration, there are 2 burning questions that I am always asked. One is: Are you coming home to attend? And the other: Is your hair still long? Yep, it’s all about the hair. I can’t blame them. Since it’s our crowning glory, we tend to pay attention to it and sometimes it helps us remember who is who in the past. I still have long hair, yes. But my long dark hair is now invaded by a few grays here and there. I actually spend a lot of time in the bathroom plucking them out. Ha!

The husband likes to tease me and tell me that I may end up bald before him if I don’t stop plucking the grays. But I can’t help myself. He said that it’s probably time to consider dying my hair. What? I have never done that. Will I? Should I? I don't know! But I can't help but wonder what color would work on me. Maybe keep it black? Or maybe I should go blond? How about red? Hmm…I actually like redheads. I like that they seem fiery and hot. Actresses like Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Debra Messing are only 3 of the famous redheads in Hollywood. I wonder if red will look good on me though. What do you think? Maybe. I should probably visit to see what the redheads have to say.



Nah... I still think that shiny black hair is still striking. but never hurts to experiment right LOLA hahaha!

Pero I don't know why your classmates linked you to lolaq because of your long hair when ang uso ngayon ay ang mahabang hair na sumusunod sa galaw mo... (from Rejoice Shampoo Commercial hehehe).
Ciela said…
Hi J!
You're so lucky not to have grey hairs yet. I think I started dying my hair in my mid-fortys. It's in our genes kasi having grey hairs even at a young age.
Yeah, why not give it a try, having red hair? American ka na naman di ba? Kidding aside, I think it'll look good on you.

Anonymous said…
Red Hair is HOT... koloran mu ne, nung eme type kolaran meng matuling pasibayu. Darleng in bwak ku naman mana muti nya naman anya pepa kulor ke. Nanu nung bisa ka kuloran daka nah.
Pamu ot marimla na naman keni darling ing arung ku mangatal yang alang patugut balumu ating gagapang a gamu-gamu, nanuy ta.

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