External Hard Drive Needed


Since I got this new laptop for Christmas, I have been thinking what to do with the old one. That one served me well for more than 6 years. True it crashed on me at least a couple of times but I used it to its full capacity. If I remember it right, it's even a refurbished one but it lasted for as long as it did. It's still working fine except it's a bit slow. That's probably because it's almost full. Can you imagine how much stuff is on its hard drive? It's 6 years worth of 'savings'...of files I mean. I already deleted a lot but I still have a lot stored in it. I may give it to the little one so she can hook up her Art Studio software on it but I may have to get an external hard drive so I can transfer all my files in there. I can transfer the files on this computer but I'd rather not. I like that this is still uncluttered and I'm planning in letting it stay that way.


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