For My Future


Diabetes is runs in my family. I am well aware that I have a very big chance of getting this disease anytime so I try to stay healthy. But there are things that are beyond my control. So when I read about C’elle and its new service of preserving stem cells found in menstrual fluid I got very interested. According to some studies related with this, these stem cells have the potential to diseases such as diabetes and leukemia. Who would have thought that our ‘monthly visitor’ has the potential to save lives? Better yet, it’s probably one of the easiest ways to collect stem cells. I have not subscribe yet as I am still trying to read more about it but I have visited their Pricing page already so I know what to tell friends and family when it comes to the cost of this service. I’m planning in asking them to Order Now while it’s still affordable. I know I will...for my future.


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