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It’s a windy day here today! It was freezing this morning when the husband left for work and right now it’s in the low 40s but I’m sure the wind is making it a lot colder than what the temperature is recording. Anyway, since it’s been cold the past few days the little one and I have been inside the house only. I really want to go out in the backyard and start pulling out the weeds that are all over the place but I’d rather not.

So what have I been doing while cooped up in the house? A lot of online surfing. First on my list is a cell phone. Yes, I am looking for a cell phone right now….to replace the land line. It’s not 100% sure yet but after the last bill, I am seriously considering getting one. We didn’t get a long distance plan for our landline simply because we don’t use LD much. Or so we thought. It turns out that since the husband’s cell phone number is from the area code from our old address, everytime I call him it’s actually long distance. Duh! I just realized that if we get a family plan with a cell phone, the money we spend paying for the monthly phone bill + the long distance bill will cover a cell phone bill. And after searching I found out that we can even get free a free Blackberry with a plan. So yeah, I may just decide to cancel our land line and get me a cell phone one of these days. Yeah, baby!


J said…
tuks, if I were you don't chuck the landline. a lot of people learned their lesson last 9/11 who didn't have land phones at home, mga cell site all went down except verizon wireless.

get na lang the unlimited regional calling plan, mura na sila ngayon.

kayo 4o's kami don't even ask. sobrang ginaw.
I think Mommy Juliana has a point. Mahirap din talaga basta down cell sites and is pa kung low batt. Nakakainis pero nice din if you get a cellphone. It would be very nice especially blackberry ang FREE! ^_^

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