Home or Not Home


That is the question. Well, the little one's question anyway. It seems that when the weekend rolls around, the little one always has one question to ask Dad...and that is if he's going to work on the weekend or if he's going to be home. She loves to have him at home...and so do I. So even if we don't normally go anywhere special, Dad being home is a treat for us already.

So this morning when Dad left for work, she asked that same question. Dad had to work last weekend so she's worried that he has to work this weekend again...and she may be right. The husband and his partner are very busy right now because they're trying to finish a job that the customer wants by next week. After that job, there another one lined up I believe. I don't mind him working on the weekends because that means they have work to do, right? And with this economy, that is a good sign. My husband has been looking for other ways to promote their business to stay busy so he's thinking of putting up a digital signage to attract more customers. Right now the majority of their work come from previous customers so they want to reach out to those that don't know them yet and putting a sign that is visible to a lot of people may be the way to go. I just hope he finds the time to sit down and look into it more.

As to the question whether is it home or not tomorrow, we'll have to wait and see.


Ritchelle said…
Halu Mommy J,salamat po sa bisita at pasensya na at naka private ang blog that time,ay duh,itong si stalker eh babae 23 yrs. old,blogger din, taga UK.Bahala sya,natakot naman ako.Sinubukan ko sanang edelete yung mga blogs,actually na delete nga pero may back up.Nagkaproblema ako sa payU kaya ko chineck yung backup eh super okay naman kaya back to normal na hehe...



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