How do I love Theeee.....

Let me count the ways!

- Considering we met online, we are very much compatible. We didn't go through the awkward moment of pretending to be somebody we're not simply because we were HONEST with each other from day one. I like that he HATES to lie....he believes that it takes too much effort to do that so he avoids lying.

- He makes me laugh...and that to me is very important. He's a goof ball like me.

- He makes things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.

- He never pressures me into anything. He waits until I'm ready for something.

- A family man in every sense of the word.

That's just some of the reasons why I love him. I can go on and on and on...but I'd rather not. He's my husband and that alone explains why I love him....

Thanks to Umma who started this and the others who tagged me on this one. I forgot who they are already but I appreciate the thought.

Let's hear from the other ladies out there....spill it out!


Beth said…
wow, i like your list here. but most of all the closing one.
"He's my husband and that alone explains why I love him...."
Very true.
me said…
Hi Mommy J..looks like the bug is gone already..your back on track again..hehehe..keep it up..go easy on the junk food ok..

love mo talaga si Hubby mo..sweet naman..sana magawa ko ang tag na eto kaso wala akong husband..huhuhu..
Ciela said…
I can sense how good a husband yours is. A family man in every sense of the word. A fortunate man man who has a loving and beautiful wife like you!

Anyway, salamat sa dalaw sa kabilang blog ko. Ako din e, dalang pumunta dun. Kaasar kasi ang! Magulo!

See you again!
Weng Zaballa said…
wow! this one's cool. I might grab this tag...

how's your weekend mommy J?
DebbieDana said…
So sweet! You're so lucky to have him and he's so lucky to have you as his wife, too!

Happy Monday Mommy J!
Ritchelle said…
GLAD to know that your hubby is a goof ball like you [ano po yun?]nyahaha.Mas kakaloka pag-online mo na met ano po?Every second was exciting yahoooo! Musta na po?
J said…
"he hates to lie." haha, kahit nga white lie, parang si F. ang hirap turuan lalo na kung kailangan ng white lie hindi nakukuha sa tingin, ibubuko ako sa mga relatives and friends. and oh, yes, I love that he does hate to lie just like you.

ay anku ingay dito sa bahay last night. disappointed siya but walang magawa talo ang team niya.

we ahd a taste of spring today dito. temps in the 40's, but... tomorrow we're back to winter and it will be another white day-- snow ulit, ano pa nga ba.
Dhemz said…
I really love the last part...that was very sweet of you...hehehe...sana pinabasa mo kay mister...hehhehe!
Awe... How sweet! You guys are the living proof that love do exist... char! Hehehe! ^_^

Uy about the utang thing, you're right... and it takes time and effort... plus more money if you want to settle things at court... hay naku... moral lesson: wag magpautang hahaha!
Elvz said…
hi mommy J! ang cute pala ng love story're both lucky to have each other :)

Have a great day mommy!
Unknown said… sweet...nakaka inlove lalo sa hubby ko..and nice blog too, keep it up....
Renz said…
How sweet! I hope your hubby finds it sweet too :)
Unknown said…
Oh how sweet! You are a lucky woman to find someone who fills your heart with joy!

Have a great week Mama.
Both of you are very lucky with each other. I am so happy! ^_^
blessedmom said…
that was so sweet mommy j! from reading ur post, i can really tell that u love ur dear hubby with all sincerity and depth...ur both blessed to have each other...i can honestly say that ur a nice person...witty, fun and most of all..maganda! beautiful inside and out :)

take care mommy j! have a wonderful day! how's ur lovely princess? :)
Umma said…
OMG! Im late posting my comments here huhuhu.. but better late than never daw.

Im so impressed with your relationship with your hubby Mommy J, Im so happy to know that couple who me online really works.

You're so lucky being together and having a very smart and pretty kid.

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