How's Your Weekend?


Ours is relaxed, at least mine and little one's anyway. The husband is working today so it's just the two of us. Nothing much to do until it gets a bit warmer around here so here I am blogging while the little one is doing some Math exercises on her computer. I got my laptop back yesterday from HP headquarters so it's the one I'm using right now. According to them, they had to change the backlight and the start button. It's working fine now and I am hoping it won't fail anymore or we'll ask them to replace the whole unit.

Tomorrow, we will be going to our niece's first birthday. Since it's her first birthday, we had a tough time finding the right gift for her. Having the little one with us while we were looking for gifts made it even tougher because she wanted everything. Wooden Toys would have been perfect but we didn't see any in the store we went to so we just got her a couple of plastic ones and a gift card so her parents can find something that she truly likes.

That's our weekend in a nutshell. How's yours?


J said…
mommy ang bait mo nga, di ka nag demand ng replacement. hope it works well na with what they did.

40's kami today, it sure feels like spring more so because it's been real cold the past few days.
Lynn said…
we have a cool weekend here, mommy J kasi it's been raining. sarap matulog.

niwey, award for u here...
honey said…
bait mo talaga ate Juls...

Lazy po ako mag bloggs. mayron pa din mga birds dito sa window, katuwa nga eh!

have a blessed Saturday ate. Salamat ng marami for being a good friend
Michelle said…
Hi mommy J! I'm doing okay here and our weekend is a little busy coz today we went to the childbirth class and tomorrow also. Hoping that there'll be few appointments by March so I can relax and rest. Have a nice day! :)
elow! That's great news! Your lappy is back. ^_^

and yeah, gift cards are great gifts!

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