Munching Away...


Slow day today as usual. Our boss has a message on her messenger that says: Wishing there was more work! It's been weeks since we had the last batch of work so everyone is a bit restless already since no one is making any moolah right now. I guess we're now feeling the economic crisis 'for real'. To while away time, I have been surfing online a lot. I like to do that especially when it's this slow with work. What I don't like though are the pop-ups that keep showing their ugly heads whenever I visit some sites. My pop-up blocker is on but it's not doing the job. I still get pop-ups.

I guess it's time to call the Ad Muncher, eh? I just read about this Ad Muncher not too long ago although it's been around for quite some time now. Anyway, Ad Muncher not only removes but kills pop-ups in all browsers. Aside from that it also removes advertising in different programs like Pando, Kazaa and others. Needless to say those Adwares and Spyware don't stand a chance with the Ad Muncher. What's the result if Ad Muncher is around? How about a faster more efficient computer! Try Ad Muncher now and see what it can do for your beloved computer. We can even try it for free for 30 days. I better start using it so it can start munching away those pesky pop-ups.


for a moment i thought the post was about food. LOL!!

anyway, i guess my mind is full of food thoughts right now. hehehe... i guess i couldn't blame myself but the bun in the oven is making me. LOL!! ^_^
BongFlo said…
yup, this economic crisis is really for real J, hirrrrraaaaap ng buhay lalo na dito sa pinas! praying that we all ride this thing out till it ends. visiting you today my friend, like you, work too is slow here. ciao!
honey said…
Your really good into advertising ate J.lahat sila hindi halata nag advertise ka na pal

Have a safe Wednesday evening there.. :)..
Ritchelle said…
kayo din po may crisis?hahay buhay ekonomiya!

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