Nice Weather


It definitely feels like it's spring here already weather wise. We are currently in the 50s, almost 60s and it's going to be in the 70s later in the day. The sun is out and it's not windy. Woo hoo....

We'll be heading out in a couple of hours here. The little one has been looking forward to this birthday party, first because it will be held in nearby park so she can't wait to check out the playground. Secondly, it's a Princess themed party. She's excited to see the decors and the cake.

We don't have much planned for today except for that. After the party, we may head to a store and look for some stuff...but that's just me....LOL. I really want to go to the Philippine store but it's a bit far from the park we're going to so not sure if that's possible.

Anyhooo....have a great day everyone. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


honey said…
Ate J, enjoy the Princes party. I am sure Erica is so cute with her dress and will wear a big smile on her lips. .

Thanks you ng marami ate Juls. I'ts still early here gising ko lang mga kids [ anak ng neighbor kasama ko sa sleep every night] hehe..

OK bye for now, sleep me ulit.. ehehe
J said…
hope you enjoyed the party. 70's kayo, kainggit!
Ciela said…
The real princess is attending a princess party! She'll be like a doll in a princess attire. 'Will be waiting to see her photo as a princess.

Thank you ng marami J, sa pagsasayang ng oras mo sa pagboto. It was fun for me but that's enough.
You can stop from voting now. Maraming-maraming salamat ulit!
Micawatson said…
Same is getting better each day.
tx sweetie said…
wow hapi birtde sa big Princess mo Mizz J.. sowe just now lang me napadaan sa blog mo. first blog I visit ko itong sayo since I came here.. kakatamad kasi ang computer eh..

dito sa 'ting Pinas.. mainit fah rin!! ingat kau jan and hope success ang birthday ni LITTLE ONE mo!

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