No Time to Waste....


I woke up today with an email sent to me by a very good friend. Sadly, the email is not bearing good news. Just recently, her Mom’s leg was amputated as a result of diabetes. I had the pleasure of meeting her Mom when I was still teaching in Taiwan. She even became my ticket agent after meeting her. So we have both a professional and a personal relationship. The news hit me hard not only because I knew her Mom but because my mother died from complications of diabetes. It happened to me and if I have any choice, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I’ve gone through. Helping my friend cope with this will be a bit hard since we’re thousands of miles apart. I email her regularly and I am hoping that it helps a little.

Since I have diabetes in my genes, I can’t help but worry. I believe that we’re luckier though than the women of the past generation because now there is some kind of a light at the end of the tunnel because of what C’elle is offering… a chance to preserve menstrual stem cells which can potentially be used to cure diabetes and other life threatening diseases. I’d probably ask my friend to watch the C'Elle Testimonials to give her some kind of hope. Her Mom may not benefit from but it can potentially help her and the other women in their family. I am pretty sure that once she watches it, she’ll think about enrolling herself in and her relatives with the program. I’d probably email her later on and tell her to Order C'elle Now since there shouldn’t be time to waste.



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