Oh No!


I just read somewhere that one of the companies I work for has just filed for Chapter 11 [or was it 13?]! That means...I am 'officially' directly affected by the economic crisis. We have not received any word from the company or anybody from the company so we're not sure what's next.

I read the press release about it so I know it's true. I just wish they let us know instead of us learning about it from other sources.

From what I have read, they will be bought by another company that I am not familiar with. Hopefully that other company will keep their ICs so I can keep my job. Come to think of it, I actually didn't make much with this company so it won't make much difference but it's still bummer knowing they're being bought.

I guess this makes me a direct casualty of the recession, eh?


elow! Super, mega, extremely, belated V-day hahaha!

Anyway yeah, the US recession really stinks. I thought Canada won't be affected that much but our Canadian Dollar is not doing that great anymore. People are getting laid of from work, companies closing, and I can go on and on how bad things are...

I hope Obama's stimulus package/plan work it's magic immediately but I doubt that would occur instantly...
Tetcha said…
I hope your job won't be affected by this recent turn of events. The global economic crisis has also affected us here in the Philippines, too. As a matter of fact, my brother-in-law recently lost his job because his company wasn't really earning in the past years. My brother, a college graduate, had to go home from Singapore and Dubai because there were no good works available for him there. I think we're lucky to have jobs, and I hope you get absorbed by the new company.
Ciela said…
Uh-oh!, so you're now among the economic crunch casualty huh?! Good though, it doesn't affect you that much! I wonder when would this financial crisis come to its end. Sana naman, hindi na magtagal..

Thank you so much pala for all your votes! I was 3rd on Wk 146 and 1st on Wk 147. Didn't expect it. Tama na yun! Stop na ang pagvisit sa contest na yun. Maraming salamat ulit, J! Hugs!
Umma said…
Oh no.. Its scary to realize that the economic crisis is really getting to everybody's nerves now.

I feel sad to know some of my friends too being laid off from work and now are struggling to find a job.. di ba kakaloka Mommy?

Especially if you have some mortgage and house bills to pay..sighs... we need to be thankful of what we have now..
ay nakoooo... dagdagan pa natin ang panalangin!
Nova said…
Belated Happy V-Day Mommy J. sad to say your company never tells you anything, probably it is just a formatily for the company that they filed this and than then another company will going to bought it. that means hopefully you'll still keep your job...

i tagged you hope you like it, here:
Unknown said…
Isn't it awful? Hubby's company got bought out too and they restructuring the entire company. Few people lost their jobs but thankfully didn't. But we're still not sure of his job security. So we're affected too :(

I hope you still have your job even if it has a new owner.
J said…
it's scary, but we should deal with it. even F is worried knowing that Wall Street is not stable. In fact sa kanila nga ang simula eh.

I said nga, pag nawalan ng work uwi na lang kami sa Pinas and work on the business there. that way, wala ng problemang mino-monitor. we get paranoid din kasi alam mo na iba pa rin kung wala ka dun.
me said…
You're right Mommy J all we can really do is deal with the situation..I heard a sad news about how a couple actually killed their kids and themselves after because they both lost their jobs...
DebbieDana said…
Oh my.... that's sad...but that's the trend lately...I agree with Lena, let's just pray harder.

Thanks alot Mommy J for your warm birthday greetings for Daniel.

Debbie :)
Cecile said…
i hope you won't get affected by it, dear :-(, my husband 's days at work are soon will over, and we still couldn't find a job. hope they will absorb you :-)

anyway, the weather here is not bad, it snowed a little in the morning, then it rained,but not really cold.

have you done any yard work today since the weather there is nice?

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