Pet in Her Room?


This morning, I was finally able to talk with a high school classmate using Skype. She's been bugging me to download the software but I took my sweet ole' time in doing so. Well, I was actually waiting for this computer to be returned from the service center since I didn't want to install the web cam in my ancient laptop. When she called me over the weekend she asked me again so I finally gave in and downloaded it last Sunday evening.

Anyway, my classmate works in Thailand so our times are opposite. We actually talk on the phone regularly but it's kinda' neat to talk to her and see her at the same time. She also got the chance to talk to the little one who was thrilled to chat with someone she could actually see. My friend asked the little one if she gets bored because she doesn't have any siblings or classmates to play with. Of course the little one said yes! My friend so 'sweetly suggested' that she should ask us for pet to keep her company. Oh no! The 'p' word again. The little one got so excited and went on to tell my friend that she already has some pet beds ready in her bedroom. Umm....not quite. And I don't think we'll let her pet bed be in her bedroom should we decide to give in to her request.


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