Sitting here....


.... waiting for my boss to answer a question I asked....last night! Grrr..... I can't continue doing my work because I need to finish this one before I start another one. I sent 2 follow-up emails but I still don't have the answer. And it's a simple question.

I guess I'll just finish it and wait for it to be returned to me with the instruction on how to correct it. I hate doing that especially if I know something IS wrong with it.

Can you say I'm frustrated? This is how I look like right now...

Frustrated Geek Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm not bloody though...haha!


JK said…
I think we all get to feeling like that sometimes... LOL
Unknown said…
Looking at the graphic, I say you are Mommy Jul. Kawawa ka naman. I'm frustrated too with my allergies that is. I so need a new nose. I can only wish.

Well, hope your boss will write soon.

Have a great Tuesday!

PS -- Our visitors are staying until Friday :)
Ciela said…
I love the cartoon you used. So funny! ha ha.. I am that kind sometimes...pag sobrang inis na, just acting banging my head on the wall. he he..

I sympathize with your in-law! A lot had been affected with the crisis na talaga. Kawawa naman si Doggie!

Good for you, you still have lots of works to do!..Enjoy the day, J!
J said…
oh my, that graphic is so funny. but don't we all feel that every once in a while? just like me, I'm frustrated that I can't kick this cold out of my system. I feel much better though today.

hope you got the response...
Nelle said…
Well I'm doing that same thing on the graphic right now. I'm darn frustrated of myself. haha..

Well good luck with the work Ate J. :D

Hahaha nice pic! Yeah things can get really frustrating these days with all the pressure and problems with the economy and all. But hang in there! And don't bang your head off hehehe! ^_^
huwag!!! tigilan mo na yan! lol

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