Spending Time Wisely...


The husband has been operating a small business with a partner for the past 3 years. Their business is basically a 'baby' so it's still having some 'growing pains'. Aside from that, their business is caught in this thing we called 'economic crisis'. He's been wanting to have a business for as long as I can remember and when he finally has one, recession hits. Fortunately, their business is surviving the present crisis. Of course they can do better if the economy is not this way but we're nonetheless thankful they're making it. During this economic slowdown my husband wants to do something with the free time they're having. He wants to have more knowledge as far as owning and running a business is concerned. I mentioned to him that he should check the different mba programs being offered online. At least he can take the classes during his free time and he doesn't have to travel. He can even do it while he's at work waiting for customers to give them more work. Now that is spending his time wisely, eh?


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