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The husband has been looking for corner curio for months now. It’s probably one of the first things we looked for when we started shopping for furniture. Unfortunately, it's the hardest to find so until now we are still looking for the perfect one. The curio will hold the different paraphernalia for the different electronic devices we still have sitting on the computer room floor. Needless to say, our living room is devoid of any appliances since we have to get that curio first before we get say the digital TV that our living room needs so badly.

He’s been looking online at different digital and high definition tvs almost every weekend that I get tired hearing him talk about his ‘finds’. I am sometimes tempted to say to get it already but I don’t dare since I know he has to get that curio first. While finding that elusive curio we are also actively checking the different sites that sell tvs at very affordable prices. I personally like looking at sites where price comparisons for their products are available. It gets tiring surfing online considering there are thousands of sites out there selling the same stuff so we’re being wise and exhaust every possible way to find the one we want at a price we will surely love. I can't wait to see an lcd tv taking its spot on our living room.


me said…
Happy Valentines Day Mommy J..
hello mommy j! happy valentines day!

i think mine is always "not" memorable because nothing usually happens during valentines day. nyahahaha...LOL!!

how about you? kamusta v day dyan?

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