Tough Times


Our Sunday is almost over. The work I mentioned a while ago is still out there somewhere. Our boss emailed us for update and said that it’s going to be released later than anticipated. I started making dinner much earlier so if it’s released, I don’t have to worry about dinner anymore. I have a chicken roasting right now while the cheesy hash browns are done already. I’d probably just throw in some broccoli for veggies and voila, dinner is ready.

It’s almost 5 PM already and I still haven’t heard from the husband. That means he’ll probably be home his usual time on weekdays which is around 6 PM. Like I said, it’s frustrating that he is working on a Sunday but with the way the economy is, I guess we have to be thankful that he has work. A lot of people are looking into debt management plan as a result of all the financial problems they’re having because of this economic crisis we’re in right now. It seems that nobody is safe nowadays especially those who didn’t have any long term plans as far as their financial status is concerned. I can’t say that we’re’ really’ prepared with the current economic meltdown but we’re hanging in there. We try to be smart in using whatever resources we have and working twice as hard if not more to survive the present situation.

And since it’s probably too late for some people to save for the future, they can probably seek credit counseling in order to make it. Someone I personally know acted too soon and filed for bankruptcy when things started getting rough. I just found out about it after she filed so it was too late to advise her otherwise. I still gave her the name of a debt consolidation company in case she will need it in the future…which I’m hoping she won’t. What a tough time we are faced with today. I can only hope it ends sooner than later....


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